SwingersHQ.com will be online First week of October
( Sorry folks, but we're running a little behind schedule! )

the new SwingersHQ.com will be returning with a new global social network format.

BrissySwingers.com - visit us now to meet local swingers in Brisbane

The original BrisbaneSwingers.com is now under new management as BrissySwingers.com and is still the best place to find local swingers in Brisbane and surrounding areas..
BrissySwingers.com will continue to operate independantly of SwingersHQ.com.
BrissySwingers.com is run and moderated by people in your local area. They have a genuine interest in making it the best site for the greater Brisbane region...

Platinum, Verified and Free members?

The new SwingersHQ.com and BrissySwingers.com are totally seperate websites with different owners and are run independantly of each other.
If you were a Platinum member prior to the ownership change on August 26, then your Platinum membership will still be valid on the new SwingersHQ.com
If you were a Verified or Free member prior to the ownership change on August 26, then you will automatically have an account on the new SwingersHQ.com

You have the option to Opt-Out of membership of SwingersHQ.com should you not wish to be a member.